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During the public consultation Roadshows (14-19 September) held in respect of the NPA Tariff Application process, as contemplated in the National Ports Act, 2005, it had been communicated to participants that the Application by the NPA did not fully comply with the information requirements of the Regulator, and the Regulator published a letter on 23 August 2018 setting out the required information as well as an invitation to meet with the Transnet Board in order for a substantiation of the sustainability concerns expressed in the Application. The Regulator also expressed to the public in the Roadshows that a meeting between the Ports Regulator and Transnet Board of Directors was anticipated.

Pursuant to a meeting held between the Ports Regulator and the Transnet Board of Directors on the 13th November 2018 at the PRSA Offices, Durban, the NPA subsequently made available to the Ports Regulator all the information as required on a confidential basis. The Ports Regulator is satisfied that the meeting and associated submissions are sufficient in content to fully assess the sustainability concerns expressed by the Authority, Transnet, as well as other Port Users who have raised concerns within their written submissions. This has enabled the Ports Regulator to apply its mind and to proceed with the assessment of the Tariff Application for the 2019/2020 with all information required to arrive at a balanced decision that takes into account the need to address the re-valuation of the RAB, as well as the sustainability of the NPA and the port system of South Africa.

The Regulator’s Record of Decision on the Tariff Application for 2019/20 will be announced at a press conference at the Regulator’s offices on Friday 30 November 2018 at 11:00.

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