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Approved Tariff Book 2023/24

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On the Tariff Strategy and Tariff Methodology of the SA Port System

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Review of the Port Tariff Methodology:

The Ports Regulator of South Africa is undertaking a review of the Multi-Year Tariff Methodology. The final Tariff Methodology that will result from this process will inform the way in which the port tariffs are calculated over the medium term (and consequently the revenue that the Ports Regulator allows the NPA to raise).

The sole purpose of this document is for providing a guideline for comments and proposals on the Review of the Multi-Year Tariff Methodology. In no way must the document (and its contents) be construed to reflect the view of the Regulator or any of its Members. Whilst it aims to highlight some of the practical constraints faced in the regulation of port tariffs, it does not preclude any proposals, alternatives, suggestions, or comments that may not be covered in this document.